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MyCognition: Monster Valley (improve cognition with applied gaming)

Read this article in Dutch About a year ago the CEO of the school (Stad & Esch, Meppel, The Netherlands) asked me if I was interested in joining him at a meeting about serious gaming. Of course! How many times do you get the opportunity to combine something that’s fun with some to help you learn? So, a couple of …

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MyCognition: Monster Valley (cognitie & applied gaming)

Read this article in English Ongeveer een jaar geleden vroeg de directeur van mijn school of ik interesse had om mee te gaan naar een bijeenkomst over serious gaming. Natuurlijk! Want wat is nou mooier dan de kans om iets wat leuk is (gamen) te combineren met educatie. Dus een aantal dagen later op weg naar Utrecht voor de eerste …

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Why gamification belongs in education

On September 17 I attended the PICNIC festival in Amsterdam. One of the subjects being discussed at Vodafone Firestarters was gamification. This is the video of that discussion: Unfortunately, questions from the audience seemed to have disappeared. Quite annoying. I asked Toby Barnes what his thoughts were about gamification in education. He started by almost biting his pen in half. …

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